Color step

Unleash your inner OCD and sort the colors! Educational - learn gradients and color theory while playing this addictive game. Procedurally generated levels that get increasingly harder mean a unique experience every new game.

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Who was fone?

Expert mode not recommended for daltonics

iOS7 compatible color scheme

Holistic experience includes a dynamic launch screen and icon (how is this even possible)

Procedurally generated levels

Levels are random (like, truly random, not random from array) to provide a unique experience every time you play it.

This means 255x255x255 aka 16581375 colors, multiplied with its possible combinations of equal size, making a total of over 9 thousand 274 trillion different levels you can play.


Want to become a graphic designer? Reach level 255 and get an official Sir Jony Ive seal of approval. *

Learn color theory by seeing how colors blend. Train your eyes to see the difference between minute nuances of hue and saturation.

* Seal of approval may actually not be given

"Best app in the world!" - Some totally non-fictious publication