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Northeast is a proposal for the national brand of Estonia. Finalist in the competition "Eesti Märk". Free to use.

Your Brand of Estonia

Dont be limited by preset slogans. Roll your own to suit your industry.

Format: "[noun, past tense OR superlative adjective (ending in EST)] [in] estonia" — keeping unified form.
Automatic highlighter inserts brand elements in characters "est" and "e".

Examples: Designed, Engineered, Grown, Educated, Composed, Fastest internet, Strongest culture, Cutest people, etc.
Download SVG

Brandmark construction


The shape's main idea is to convey the geographical and cultural location of Estonia - Northeast Europe.


The wordmark is set in "Aino", created by Estonian typographer Anton Koovit.

Usage guidelines


Blue, black and white.

  • #00f
  • #000
  • #fff

Pick a custom complementary color

  • #f00
  • #0f0
  • #00f


  1. Convert to grayscale
  2. Contrast 2
  3. Overlay with Blue, blend-mode: multiply
  4. Overlay with any color, blend-mode: lighten

CSS for Web

  1. filter: ~"grayscale(100%) contrast(2)";
  2. mix-blend-mode: multiply;
  3. mix-blend-mode: lighten;


Dynamically generated pattern from the main shape can be used across a variety of mediums.

Right-click to download as vector SVG, or view source to see how its generated

Download & use
(or roll your own)

The brand is designed with flexibility to express the strength of Estonian creation in any area possible.

Download the latest rendering or use the embed code (preferred) to automatically update.

  • Designed in Estonia
  • Engineered in Estonia
  • Welcome to Estonia

Are you using the mark anywhere? Let me know! Used by:

Creative Commonsi litsents Attribution Non-commercial

Northeast by Veli-Johan Veromann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Example images from Flickr CC